10 Jul

The 70 yr. old Bikini Diva documentary that is being shot about me will be following me to the competition this Saturday. I like that it’s a documentary so I don’t have to hold my stomach in or watch what I say. Not that I ever watch what I say anyway. I’m looking forward to a fun competition not too far from home. It should be a riot trying to walk in my new hot, sexy shoes. It’s kind of funny at this age to be sporting sexy, take me shoes, (cleaned that one up) but the Diva must go on.! Hey I may be 71 but love how inspired it makes all those wonderful young women who think their life will be over by the time they are 50. . It’s kind of like how I was inspired by Tina Turner many years ago. So when I work out I just think to myself. I perspire to inspire.

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