04 Nov

Just as we arrived at the Living Longer Medical Spa I got a phone call from my trusted assistant Andrea. “Bubby is talking gibberish. I don’t understand anything she’s saying.” “Shit”, was the first word out of my mouth. “Get her to the hospital!” Was the second. My daughter Sydni was supposed to pick her up after lunch and Bubby was going to hang out at their house for the weekend. Long story short, Bubby was in and out of the hospital for the next week. She was tested for stroke activity but they couldn’t find anything. When she saw the neurologist a week later, she said Bubby was having seizures and it could be cured by meds. Sydni reminded me that his had happened a few years back, when Bubby was living with her. The reactions from the meds were so awful she decided the gibberish was better to deal with. I agreed with her. Bubby was totally aware of when the gibberish was going on. After a while we were laughing at it. She was even making fun of herself. We decided to know that she was going to be ok and talked about that to her. She decided the same thing. When the gibberish came it pissed her off. She would go out on the patio, when it stopped and ride the bike for fifteen minutes. Then she would lift her one pound weight for a while. Even at one hundred, she was not ready to go yet .In a couple of weeks it stopped. She got all of her energy back and went back to her exercise and yoga classes at the Senior Center. Go Bubby!

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