Great Part In A Great Film

24 Aug

Before you get all excited about this, it’s not me.  Although I am excited so very excited for my husband, Jeff. If you follow my blogs you know Jeff does a lot of Disney shows and is recognized by a lot of kids pulling at their parents’ jackets and whispering “Daddy look it’s him!”  Kids aren’t the only ones who recognize Jeff. He’s been a recognizable actor for many years but most people don’t know his name. When they stop us it’s usually, “Hey, you’re that guy from” or “do I know you?” Something like that. This all may change in a few months because he has landed a fabulous part in a great film opposite Bryan Cranston, which is being directed by Jay Roach and produced by Steven Spielberg.

After Bryan’s Tony win for his portrail of  LBJ in ALL THE WAY on Broadway, Spielberg decided to produce a movie of the play. Jeff’s character is Senator Jim Eastland of Mississippi. He’s a huge southern bigot, and I’m sure if this comes off right Jeff will be hated by everyone who sees him in this part. As an actor who could ask for anything more? Jeff’s character is talked about throughout the
film, and he has an unforgettable scene with Bryan. Anyway Jeff just had his first meeting with Jay and Bryan (we’re on first name basis now lol!), and a good time was had by all.