Exciting Times Ahead On All Fronts

16 Feb

This next month through March will be a very exciting time for me. Not only with the Classic Bikini Diva’s shoot for Extra but, my company Future Shorts Media is coming along strong in its growth.  A lot of very big entities have joined my partner Sunil and me to bring this dream to a reality. And both Sunil and I see it funded by the end of March. The Classic Bikini Diva’s are moving ahead strong in our growth also. With friends jumping on board to help us connect with the right people to be able to move forward with our dreams with ease.  My husband Jeff is back in the flow of auditioning and we are knowing he will book something special this year. My mom (the Bubster) is healthy and happy at 101. She is still going strong and is a joy to be around. Her Bubbyisms, as my granddaughter Flower calls them, are still flowing from her lips and making us laugh every day. Life is good.

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