The Loss Of The Perfect Assistant

23 Feb

To start off, I can tell you this is the first time I have had an assistant leave that I have not been worried or devistated by how they can ever be replaced. Although as an assistant Elena’s ability, charm, impecableness, and steady up beat personality will be missed,  her leaving has tought me a lessson that I needed to learn. That is that the next assistant I hire will be a career assistant. I have always hired people in the business with the qualities and abilities to get what it’s like to work for a fast pace changing lifestyle. But the challenge has always been that they move on to what their true desires really are.  Elena is a very talented singer/dancer/actress who has in the past been able to balance her auditions and jobs while working for me full time. She came here from New York with her also very talented boyfriend to fulfill their dreams in this wonderful business we call show. Because she truly is talented she of course is in demand. Both Jeff and I are very happy for her, and while sad to loose her light around us I now realize I need to hire someone whose aspiration is to actually want and like being an assistant, period. So, I am on the search and may the best man (woman) win.