Blaming It On The Retrograde

26 May

OK, so we have been in retrograde since January and man did it show up in my life! Everything we were working on had a glitch in it. Nothing seemed to go right for the past three months. Well not exactly nothing; I guess if I think about it here is a list of the things that went right. I got Mallory a wonderful new assistant, who brought her BFF into our lives to help The Classic Bikini Divas with promotions and marketing. We found the perfect lawyer to represent us. I made our pictures into a fabulous, fun poster and Babs and I wrote a book together, “A Guide To An Ageless You”. We took our business plan for Future Shorts Media to my friend Milena who is not only helping us put our package into perfect funding order but brought us to her friend Wing who is making our website look clean, hip, and inviting. Andrea took all of the pictures for my calendar… Hey wait a minute being in retrograde didn’t stop me it just made all of these things I created come with mistakes and set-backs! But I did all of this during the retrograde anyway. I could actually tell the difference because I shot a new video for my Website right after we came out of retrograde and I was able to do it in one take with all technical things in perfect order.


So, looking back at all of what I was able to create, my thoughts on all of this is don’t sit around and do nothing just because you think nothing can be accomplished during a retrograde. It might take a little longer and it might get frustrating at times but take the action to move through it creatively and you will get through it. … or go to Hawaii.

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