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Something I Can’t Talk About

13 Jul

I had a very exciting week preparing for and shooting a show I’m not allowed to talk about until November. But I can tell you it involved my workout “Saba’s Autosize” and it will give lots of umph to getting it out there to be more in the eye of the public. I guess you’ll […]

Father’s Day Is Not Mother’s Day

20 Jun

Father’s Day has come and gone. Almost without a notice. What is it about Fathers Day that it sneaks up on you and you’re always surprised that it’s here? I noticed this year people saying things like, “When is Father’s Day again?” “Did you get a present for Dad?” “Why?” “Because it’s Father’s Day tomorrow.” […]

The Measure of Time Flying By

16 Jun

I’ve often wondered how do you measure time flying by? I guess we all have Birthday’s, that’s one way. But even though we have Birthday’s every year, you don’t really notice time flying by. For me this year time flying by really hit me last night as my baby girl Sydni, the oldest of my clan, […]

Meditation, Great Company, and Great Food

14 Jun

This past weekend Jeff and I actually got away an entire day for a yoga retreat. Our friend and yoga teacher Chutney Berry has a fabulous one day retreat once a year on the beach in Oxnard across from the Channel Islands. My wonderful daughter Sydni was on Bubby watch for the day and we were comfortable leaving her […]

Age, Attitude and Seniors

09 Jun

As I age I notice attitude seems to be the key in everything I do.  Being in the health, fitness and anti-aging world, plus show business my attitude has gotten me further than anything else.  The fact that most of the people I deal with could be my kids or even my grandchildren and that they all […]

Don’t Let Disappointment Get You Down

28 May

It’s been three months since Babs and I were on ExtraTV and we haven’t heard anything from them and to tell you the truth we were disappointed. So much for putting a show together for us. At first we were a little upset but then we pulled our bootstraps up and took some action. We […]

Blaming It On The Retrograde

26 May

OK, so we have been in retrograde since January and man did it show up in my life! Everything we were working on had a glitch in it. Nothing seemed to go right for the past three months. Well not exactly nothing; I guess if I think about it here is a list of the […]

I’m Back

01 May

So, since we were on National TV life took me on a whirl wind of business! Not only was I in between assistants, (and as most of you know that’s a hard one for me) but my other company Future Shorts Media suddenly saw more action than ever! So let me catch you up. Being […]

Wonderful Success For My Husband

04 Apr

I was so happy to be able to share the moment with Jeff. Actually two moments. The first one was when we went out to dinner with his writing partner Hope, and her husband Lawrence for the celebration of their play “Without Annette officially being published through Play Scripts a publishing company in New York. […]

March 2016 Here And Gone

03 Apr

I will be back writing my blog again. Sorry I haven’t kept up. Life has been very different with out an assistant. Plus I came back from Hawaii so excited about having a new kitchen and getting caught up in putting things back into it. That in itself was a much bigger job than I […]