Saba’s Autosize


I created Saba’s AUTOSIZE© because of my busy life. I had kids, a career, and absolutely no time to workout. I have danced since I was a kid, so keeping in shape was a really important priority to me. But how was I to keep it that way? I was now actively writing, producing, and directing while running a production company. Where on earth would I find the time?
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Saba’s Full Body Workout

Full Body Workout Cover

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Body with Think It, Do It, Be It!

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Body Book Cover

The front cover of Saba’s Book, “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Body with Think It, Do It, Be It!”

Finally, a personal daily guide to help you get that body you’ve only dreamt of. In this motivational book, Saba takes readers along on an adventure into physical health, strength, and a shapelier you. With only small shifts in your thinking, you can learn how to make time where you thought you didn’t have an extra minute, reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, and get the support you need to stay fit for life.

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Use this coupon code at checkout for $10 off your order: saba. This is the best natural energy boost I’ve ever used!

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 Zone Bars

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Gano Excel


Gano is one of my favorite products. I’ve been drinking a cup of Gano 3-in-1 coffee every morning for 15 years., Unlike regular coffee which is acidic, Gano changes the acid into alkaline which makes this coffee the healthiest gift for your body. Plus it’s delicious!

Gano Café is a nutritious health beverage made from Ganoderma extract, high quality coffee, non-dairy creamer and sugar. Brought to you exclusively by Gano Excel™.

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It Works!

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