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Grateful Changes

08 Jun

When changes come sometimes my timing gets thrown off. I’ve just recently had some major changes. With my step daughter Molly visiting; my office became her bedroom. Now I have become displaced – working on the dining room table or out on the patio. I’m kind of spread out all over. On top of all […]


03 Jun

After taking the judges workshop in Vegas at the last competition, I decided to practice my judging in Phoenix for the America’s Naturals Competition. The trip was a whirlwind, both fun and exhausting. But not what I expected at all. I flew to Phoenix in the morning and arrived at the motel; just missing breakfast. […]


16 Mar

Four weeks to go until my first competition of the year. Between you and I, I’ve been struggling since the beginning of the year. I had these self doubting thought of being ready. Coming back from my oral surgery on December 31st was harder than I thought it would be. Not being able to eat […]

I’M 72, OR IS IT 38?

10 Mar

And as far as now being seventy two years old. I just don’t get it? I still feel thirty Eight. Which by the way I was for twenty years. I don’t know I guess I just liked that age so I stayed there. I guess what is keeping me feeling youthful is my lifestyle. Getting […]


25 Feb

I wish I could have taken you all along on my Birthday experience. I really had a fabulous day. One of the things I love to do on my birthday is to do things for others. So I planned on treating my best friend Babs and my assistant Andrea to a day of luxurious pampering. […]