17 Jun

Hi everyone. I’m so excited to join the world of blogging! As a 71-year-old Bikini Diva/Spokes Model it’s enough just to keep up with fitness, health and my workouts. Not to mention my F.B., emails, twitter, and life in general. Now I’m told to keep hip and cool I must blog. So, move over Flower, (that’s my granddaughter the fashion blogger) here comes grandma.

Right now I’m getting ready for my first competition of the year in Las Vegas next week. Broke my big toe at the beginning of the year and couldn’t start to work out hard until April. I don’t feel I’m competition ready but I’m competing anyway. I’ll keep you informed. Check out my photos to see my body progression and my Saba’s Cheap and Easy Tips to get yourself on that healthy road and to see what I’m all about.

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