16 Jul

Ya know it’s so exciting to be able to inspire younger women. There aren’t too many young ladies who look up to older women for inspiration. Physical inspiration that is. Funny thing for me though, unlike the younger women competing I usually have to pee just before I go on stage. Luckily for me this last competition the bathroom was in the dressing room and it made me think back to the Vegas competitions. The bathroom there are so far from backstage and here’s what happens : So there I am being sexy with my strut and turns, Bikini Diva that I am, smiling at the judges and all the time thinking to myself, “I wonder if I could make a competition bikini out of Depends? And just how lumpy would it look from the stage? Maybe if I put enough shiny crystals on it they wouldn’t even notice.” Ya want to talk about challenges being a 71 year old Bikini Diva? I may look hot backstage in my bikini but as all the young women are praying, “Please god please god let me win”, I’m thinking, “please god don’t let me sneeze! LOL”.

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