22 Sep

How funny is this?  I wrote in my blog last month about having to pee backstage. (Check blog #4 Bikini or Depends) and now I found the most incredible product. It’s called “Go Girl” and it’s one of the most empowering products for a woman.  Yes, now I can be just like the guys when we’re on a long road trip or at a public toilet that’s just too disgusting. Ya know, like at the fairs or places with outhouses. Or even public toilets where you feel more comfortable not sitting down. This product is so cool. It’s made of reusable medical grade silicon. It completely covers the area you need covered. You can stand up and go wherever you want and not a drop gets on you. It’s called “Go Girl” and I love it! I also love their motto, “Don’t Take Life Sitting Down.”  I can’t wait to do a little video about it. Keep an eye out for the video by the end of next week.

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