12 Nov

I haven’t blogged about Bubby and her talking gibberish for a while. But that doesn’t mean it has stopped. It has slowed down quit a bit though. Ya know how things that stay with you become just a part of what’s going on? Well Bubby is aware of her talking gibberish and now makes fun of her own self in the midst of it. She’s back to her yoga and exercise class at the senior center and even added another workout class to her schedule. The doctor said she thinks she is having seizures and thank god has ruled out little stokes. Which means what ever it is, it’s not going to kill her. The Bubster, (as we lovingly call her) goes days without a sign of anything and then, boom there it is again. We are finally going to find out what is causing all of this through a brain wave test for seizures scheduled for this week.

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