10 Dec

Year after year the whole family on my late husband Bob’s side got together for a special night of Christmas drink and merriment. Christmas party after Christmas party people grew up had babies and some passed on. When my brother in law, Wally and my favorite niece Suzie came to my mom’s hundredth Birthday party without my sister in law Vidalia I knew then that we had all shared our last Christmas party together.

The phone rang while I was on vacation. I thought it was Jeff wanting to say goodnight. Instead he told me Vidalia had passed away a few hours ago. As expected as it was, that kind of news always makes you stop and appreciate what you have. I thought of all the wonderful things about my sister-in law Vidalia and the great memories I would have. Vidalia was a beautiful, intelligent, hot Latin woman from Costa Rica. She always had perfectly styled jet black hair, a sparkle in her eyes and an amazing flare of elegance.

I loved her and Wally a lot and their daughter Suzie was my favorite niece. Before Bob died we spent more time with their family. Suzie is amazingly beautiful, charming funny and very like her mother. We spent many years being silly and laughing together. Now Suzie was in pain and I am not there to comfort her.

We decided I would cut the vacation short so we could go to the funeral. Vidalia loved those Christmas parties and I’m sure she planned her death to be right around the time of their party. I think this was her way of getting everyone together one last time.

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