05 Dec

What fun our second show was. Barbara Jean Carey was our guest. I call Barbara my goddaughter, even though she’s not. She is just like another daughter to me though. Her mother Gloria and I met thirty-five years ago in Las Vegas. At that time we were both performing as stand up comics. I had my own show (The Funny Farm) and she was all by her lonesome. We happened to catch her show and after I went up to her and said, “You are really funny!” She said, “Thank you”, and I replied, “So am I.” She and my late husband Bob went out to dinner that night, Three years later she made her way from Jersey to my house in LA, her daughter Barbara and my daughter Sydni became best friends, and the rest is history.
Anyway Barbara became a hypnotherapist, (along with Sydni) and being a guest on our Classic Bikini Diva show was fun, and very informative.

(Click Link Below to hear our show!)

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