09 Dec

Off to Palm Springs for a combination Anniversary and vacation for my mom. I was excited about all the plans I had for a great vacation in the hot sun. Jeff and I drive out in separate cars on Saturday. We would get situated in the hotel and then my partner Suniil was going to drive out on Saturday night to Bubby sit, so Jeff and I could go out to our friend Paul’s Spa in Desert Hot Springs Saturday night through Monday morning when we would drive into town to do the Classic Bikini Diva radio show. Andrea would drive back with my to Palm Springs and Suniil would go back to LA. We would have a meeting with Nathan on Tuesday and she would drive back to LA after that, and and my mother would continue our vacation in sunny Palm Springs. So, that was the plan.

Let me just say that everything and anything I had planned went array. Jeff and I wound up in Urgent Care with my mom the next day because she had been coughing all night. It disoriented her and she began slurring her words again. Now that we knew she only did this when she became disoriented it didn’t worry us. But, not wanting to leave her with a Bubby sitter. We went back packed up our things and spent our romantic anniversary day and dinner with my mom and Suniil.

After Jeff went back to town my mother reverted back to a four year old. Changing her mind at every turn. Plus if it wasn’t raining out, it was just cold. Talk about learning to go with the flow. I have to admit it was a little frustrating at times but, this was a vacation for my mom and I wanted her to have a great and memorable one. Once I gave up all plans and expectations and decided to go with the flow we had a great time.

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