01 Dec

Well another year is here and another anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband Jeff. Being a widow twice in my life and having so many relationships, (remember I lived through the sixties) I can honestly say that when I finally decided to commit to be totally honest in one of these here relationships amazing things happened. Jeff and I committed to grow together and to not run away from challenges. Which made this the most challenging relationship I’ve ever been in. But to truly be myself and still be accepted and loved is something I think everyone dreams of. That goes both ways for us, and believe me sometimes I wondered why I was still here. Years ago we became licensed Metaphysical Practitioners together, which helped a lot. However it made me write the (yet unpublished) book, “Kicking And Screaming To God”. LOL. Two strong personalities who finally would rather be happy than right, (most of the time) celebrating eleven years of growth and being more in love than ever. Who could ask for anything else in a relationship? To quote someone, I don’t know whom? I’m a happy camper.