21 Jan

Another year is here and I couldn’t be happier. I started out my year with an oral surgery. Amazingly I experienced no pain in my recovery and besides having to
eat soft food for a while, there was really no problem healing. I say I’m stronger
and healthier than I’ve ever been, but now I believe it. I feel so blessed that my
Consciousness has caught up to the way I live. I’m now doing a great spiritual Yoga class three times a week and between you and me I’m surprised at how strong it’s making my body feel. I’m back getting my body ready for my first competition of the year in the beginning of April. The Classic Bikini Divas radio show is going strong with lots of interesting guests.
Babs, my partner in Classic Bikini Divas and I rejoined Woman In Film, and are
looking forward to a year of lots of productivity with WIF. My mom is doing great
at one hundred years young and was just a guest on our talk show. We are also back shooting are YouTube show of Classic Bikini Divas. It’s a New Year and our energy
is up!