25 Feb

I wish I could have taken you all along on my Birthday experience. I really had a fabulous day. One of the things I love to do on my birthday is to do things for others. So I planned on treating my best friend Babs and my assistant Andrea to a day of luxurious pampering. To my extreme happiness my daughter Sydni made a mistake on her flight back from Hawaii. She thought her arrival time was 5:30 am on my birthday. But it was 5:30 pm the night before. So, she was able to join us. We started off our day with a mind/body Yoga class with Chutney Berry. (check her out on our radio show – www.latalkradio.com/Bikini.php) Drove towards downtown to find some lunch and ate in a place where none of us had ever heard of. Then it was off to our adventure in Korea Town. I’ve heard many great reviews about the Olympic Spa. And we were all excited to be there. There were so many different things to try. Including a salt room, a hot, very hot tea bath to remove all toxins from your body. Getting into that one was hard. It felt like we were being prepared to be an Ecuadorian Chicken Cajun soup. I say that because Andrea is from Ecuador, Babs is from the south, and I’m a Bronx Jew at heart. Sydni opted out of this one. Believe it or not after that we did the cold plunge. I should have thought things might get weird when I read the sign above the plunge which said. “if you feel like your going to poop please don’t enter this pool.” What the????

None of us were in the pooping mood so we entered. However after a few minutes we all felt like we were on an acid trip. Remember I lived through the sixties. We got out and Babs said, “Am I breathing water?” “How should I know” I said, “I’m floating on air.” Andrea wanted to know if there were mushrooms in our lunch. Sydni was just being entertained by our being stoned on toxin removal.

And then came the Milk and Citrus scrub. I’ve never felt that scrubbed. One half hour of being loofah’d from head to toe. She even scrubbed my head and washed my hair. We loved it but Sydni not only didn’t like it, she was pissed because it scrubbed a layer of her tan off that she just spent ten days in Hawaii to get. But all in all it was a fabulous experience.

Then it was off to my house where my family came over and shared in some Sushi, turkey chili, and pizza and an assortment of salads.

Being a game playing family. We separated into two teams for a game of Pictionary. My Birthday cake was off the charts chocolate. I only had a tiny taste and was so happy that Annie made me sugar free ice cream and Kinen made me cookies from almond flour, with raisins. No sugar at all. I was in heaven from the beginning of the day to the end.

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