13 Feb

Since I started competing three years ago and learned how to eat healthier I also learned how to switch unhealthy snacks for healthy snacks. I don’t even crave the unhealthy snacks any more.

Just because I’m in shape it doesn’t mean I don’t snack during the day. I love to

snack. Although the difference in my snacks over the last three years have changed


For me I love the crunch taste and I was a huge potato chip eater. Jamoca Almond Fudge was my favorite treat on a hot day. Plus I drank soda with almost every meal. In the afternoons a good candy bar was an excellent picker upper. Or sometimes I would just munch on one or seven of those chocolate, almond cherry clusters that you get in a plastic container from Cost-Co. Or Raisinetes . Anything yummy along those lines. I’ve always been very active but even though all the crap I filled my body with didn’t make me gain weight, it still wasn’t helping me to live a healthy life.

Here are some of the healthy treats that I eat.

Of course veggies like carrots and celery are a great snack. But when you dip them in things like hummus it’s really tasty. I love almonds and walnuts. But if you are counting calories switch over to pistachio nuts. They are so good for you and a lot less in calories. If you want even fewer calories, munch on as many pumpkin or sunflower seeds as you want.

If you’re really craving chocolate. I just take a zone bar cut a couple of different ones into candy size pieces and put them in an empty candy box. Two whole Zone bars are lower in calories than two pieces for some candies. If you want to see more about sugar free satisfying snacks just go to my Videos. In the next few weeks I’ll be shooting new videos with some great tips on how to replace your unhealthy snacks for healthier choices. And keep the fitness flowing.

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