25 Feb

Well my Birthday is right around the corner. It’s hard for me to believe I will soon be 72. I don’t feel like I’m 72. But what’s that supposed to feel like anyway? Sometimes I have more energy than my grandchildren. I’m still taking on projects to do, both in fitness and show business. It’s not because I’m trying to stuff everything into my life before I die. It’s because I’m loving everything I’m doing. Hey maybe that’s why I have the energy to do it. The feeling of love is a powerful energy source. Maybe it’s like having the high grade of gas in your car. What ever it is I know that if I love everything I’m doing I want to keep doing it. Staying fit and healthy both in my mind and body really helps to stay this active at this age. So I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and know my energy source will go on as long as I am alive. That’s a good thing.

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