I’M 72, OR IS IT 38?

10 Mar

And as far as now being seventy two years old. I just don’t get it? I still feel thirty
Eight. Which by the way I was for twenty years. I don’t know I guess I just liked
that age so I stayed there. I guess what is keeping me feeling youthful is my
lifestyle. Getting up every morning and meditating to start my day starts me
off with a great consciousness. So my mind is stimulated and ready to take my body along for a ride. Then going to the gym and doing either Zumba, Yoga, or just a plain ole workout, catches my body up to my mind. I’m sure the way I eat has a lot to do with it. Because when I was in my sixties I don’t think I was able to sustain all of this energy. I have proven to myself that what you put in is what you get out. I feel so blessed to be able to keep up with my kids and my grand kids when we are hanging out. And let me tell you there is nothing like being
able to talk about working on with my grandchildren. Or working out with them.
Of course I’m still a little inept when it comes to knowing everything my iPhone
can do, and other technical stuff. It reminds me of when I used to go over to my
parents house and the little numbers on their VCR were flashing because they
didn’t know how to work it. Technology marches on. But on that playing field,
I’m not marching. Next to the teens and the twenty year olds I’m technically
Slowly walking. But at least I’m part of the parade.

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