16 Mar

Four weeks to go until my first competition of the year. Between you and I, I’ve been struggling since the beginning of the year. I had these self doubting thought of being ready. Coming back from my oral surgery on December 31st was harder than I thought it would be. Not being able to eat and loosing all that weight really gave me a challenge. I’ve been repeating my affirmations to myself over and over. And even though when I would see myself in the mirror at the gym and the doubts came flying in I would keep my eye on the target of where I wanted to end up. I would open the refrigerator door and see the picture I hung up in there of the body I desired to finally have. I would look at my body in my bikini at home and thoughts like, “Holy shit how am I ever going to do this?” would cross my mind. As quickly as those thoughts came in, that’s how quickly I exchanged them with, “I can do this! I am doing this! Change your thinking change your body!” It’s been constant talking to myself. All of a sudden a couple of days ago my mind muscle felt pumped up. I finally believed I could do this!” Then an amazing thing happened today. It’s a great feeling to look in the mirror and notice the change in my body! It was looking like I was finally over the hump and on my way to that competition body I expected to see in the mirror. It looks like my practice of Think it Do it Be It was proving itself once again. Living the practice of keeping that vision of the end result and know I would get there. Just proved to me if I could truly change my thinking I would change my body. And that my life is a reflection of my state of mind. Bring it on!

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