19 Mar

I thought when I started shooting and promoting my workouts that they would be up on my website and going strong with in a month. That was in January. It is now March and I don’t know why I’m amazed at how life gets in the way. I guess it’s because I’m doing everything myself. Along with my trusted assistant Andrea that is. I don’t know what I would do without her. It’s like I have a twenty year old techi brain that sits in my purse, and I just pull it out when I need to use it. That is a great thing for an active seventy two year old like me to have on hand. Anyway, here I am writing, directing, producing everything I need to promote myself while I might add getting in shape for my first competition of the year next month. Not that I’m not loving it. Because I am. But getting back into competition shape seems to be a little harder this year. I’m loving the challenge though. It’s just that in order to shoot these videos my body has to be and look in top shape. Hopefully I will be there in a week or so. I am pushing to get to that place. Thank god I’m enjoying the push. It’s so much fun to watch how I can change my body. I, luckily seem to have become my own motivation. Just knowing I will be able to help so many others to bring healthy choices into their lives and make a difference inspires me so much.

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