27 Apr

I haven’t written a blog in a while because I’ve been busy finishing my book, “Change Your Thinking. Change Your Body. WITH Think it, Do it, Be it. I’m very excited that my book is now finished and will be published within one or two weeks. Yeeee haaaa! I am happy to also share that I won first place in the last competition two weeks ago in Vegas. In both Bikini Diva and Sports Model. There were plenty of workshops going on for this all woman’s competition and I took not only a posing workshop but also a judges workshop. The posing workshop was so helpful to actually learn how to stand to make my body look even better on stage. There are actually secrets to how to do this. In the judging workshop I actually learned what judges are looking for in every category in the competing world of the Natural Body Building competitions. I will keep you posted about my first test judging which I will be doing on the weekend of May 17th in Phoenix. I’m excited about this and hope for the best.

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