01 Jun

I know you’ve heard lots of people say “Oh my god that really blew me away!” I’ve said it many times myself, but this week I actually blew my self away! This feeling inside me is like a bubbling up (not to be mixed up with gas) or a floating on air feeling. I know I’m an inspiration to many people, who I help realize that they can reach goals that they set for themselves. I’m elated and excited to share that I know that feeling of amazing inspiration and was surprised as hell to discover it!

Four years ago, I cut out a picture of a professional Bikini Diva from a fitness magazine. She had the body I only dreamed of having. Her pose was perfect, her skin was smooth, and her lines screamed winner. I recently received pictures in the mail that Coach Lorenzo took from my last last competition in Vegas. To my amazement there it was! Four years later – and there was a picture of me that was exactly like the picture hanging in my fridge! It blew me away! I have reached the point now where I am my own inspiration. I did it! And I couldn’t be happier.


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