Grateful Changes

08 Jun

When changes come sometimes my timing gets thrown off. I’ve just recently had some major changes. With my step daughter Molly visiting; my office became her bedroom. Now I have become displaced – working on the dining room table or out on the patio. I’m kind of spread out all over. On top of all that; I have two new assistants. My dear, rusted assistant Andrea is gone now.

Andrea trained Gabrielle (which went smoothly) but she was too busy the next week to train Elena. So, most of my time went into that. Learning to work with new people slows up the every day things I have to do. My workouts and usual routine took the back seat. But, I have to tell you, I am so happy with what I attracted into my life.

Gabrielle (Gabby) is a tall, beautiful, brunette. She is a very creative, music, photo artist – always willing to help. Unfortunately, she was home sick after the first couple of days. (Although I don’t believe you can catch anything my mother does.) So I just figured it would be better if she stayed home. Meanwhile, I found Elena. She a is tall, very pretty, aspiring actress (currently in musical theater.) Although I’ve never seen her perform, I know she is amazingly talented. She went right to work; getting me organized, helping me with my book, and learning what it’s like to work for me.

It’s been two weeks now and we are all getting along fabulously. I finally feel back into my routine and trust them both to keep things running smoothly. We are all loving working outside in the fabulous sun. Picking a tangelo off of the tree when we need a little juicy treat. Which is especially fun for Elena being from New York. I am grateful for this change in my life and feel like this has been the perfect attraction for us all.

Love and Light

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