Laughing Til I Cried

23 Jul

Our Classic Bikini Diva show was so much fun on Monday. Babs and I were guest-less so we just talked about things that were going on with us and answered questions that people have been asking us through our websites. At the end of the show we shared about how we were stepping up the posing part of our Bikini Diva competitions, and we also talked about the raw meal we took before our competition in 2013. It was one of those meals filled with roughage. The kind that gets things moving, if you know what I mean.

Well, in recalling it to our audience, I remembered the next morning when it all hit me, and I spent at least twenty minutes in the powder room. And believe me I was not powdering my nose. I was in such pain, and when I finally walked out of there, after ten steps I had to run back in. Finally, a half hour later, I was able to get ready to go on stage, with only twenty minutes to spare.

With the memory of all that I actually said live on the air, “It would probably be better to do a diet like that maybe two days before going on stage.  If I had eaten just a little later the night before, I could just see myself up there taking my pose and dropping a load”. That did it! We had thirty seconds to end the show but I couldn’t stop laughing to even sign off properly. Babs could hardly hold it together. As the music for the show ended we both laughed so hard tears were running down our cheeks.  Laughing until you cry is so therapeutic. I’m just glad we made it to the bathroom in time for me to not pee my pants.

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