06 Jul

How to start off the 4th of July weekend with fireworks from my heart! Friday at 6:30 pm as I was settling in for a cozy evening, there’s a knock at the door. It was a delivery. A big box. It was my book! I didn’t expect it to be here until next Wednesday – but here it was! I had my very own fireworks show go off in my mind. After I opened the box and took out my first copy I walked around with a permanent smile on my face all night. I was a real author now. Don’t get me wrong my first book, Dinosaurs & Donuts was a children’s book and an exciting experience for me too. But, this book, Think It, Do It Be It! Change Your Thinking Change Your Body was a self help book and it’s the kick start to my dreams and desires that I have been manifesting the past three years.  And the weekend begins …

I woke up, made my protein drink and went off to meet Babs for an early water aerobics class. The class was led by one of those instructors that stands outside of the water and gives you things to do that would make sense if you were in a beginners exercise class but one that was no where near water. We slipped to the back of the pool and did our own version of what she was teaching and got a great water work out in spite of our teacher. We both love water aerobics when Amanda is teaching. She actually gets in the water and gives us a brutal but perfect work out.  We spent a little time in the sauna and then back home.

When I got home my mother said something that was so sweet about the way I care for her. It got me thinking.  She was going 101 in two months and I thought it might be a good idea for her to write some things down about how she felt about her family and I would read it when she decides to leave us. She thought it was a good idea, so we spent the next three hours writing her own eulogy.  We actually had fun doing it because besides all the laughing it brought up, it was making my mother remember stories from her past that she was sharing with me. So many times I had to say, “No mom you can’t say that”. And we would burst into laughter over it. Most of the time she would start a sentence like she was making a speech to someone and she was on stage but I would wrangle her back and gently remind her, “Mom this is you talking to this person like they are right here with you”. “Oh right”. She would think for a second and then talk to me like I was them. All in all it was not a sad thing. It was something I’ll bet a lot of people would have loved to have done if they knew their time on earth wasn’t for too much longer.

We left to go to the Valencia Mall at 3:30. I know weird, huh? It seems that people come from all over to view the fireworks from the mall parking lot and since Sydney’s store was opened until six, Scotty brought the trailer to the back of the parking lot. Along with about one hundred other people. Bubby, Jeff and I went shopping for a while and when Syd closed the store we all met up at the trailer and had a family picnic. We played a game of /// you know where you throw two balls on either side of a rope towards three bars and try to wrap them around the bar. Then the fireworks. It was nothing compared to the Big Bang in Milwaukee but we had fun. After the fireworks we all comfortably sat inside the camper and had dessert and waited for the cars to pile out of the parking lot. It took longer than expected but we were comfortable and got to catch up on what was going on with everyone. We got home at 11:45 and a good time was had by all.

My mom decided to sleep in but Jeff and I were on time at 9:30 to work or should I call it play with the teens. I brought my book into see if they would carry it in the book store and we came home in time to give my mom some lunch.  Jeff Bar B Q’d some Ribs for the week and in the evening he took a friend of ours to see his play. I wanted to go but couldn’t get a Bubbysitter. All in all it was a great weekend.

Happy Fourth Everyone.

Love and Light,


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