Tap Dance Anyone?

06 Jul

So, I’m driving home from my jazz class and my brain starts talking to me. “Hey Saba, remember when you went to Valley College three years ago and took a tap class and your butt got really firm?” “Yes!” I excitedly thought to myself. “That could be the answer to getting an even tighter, firmer butt while having a blast.” I was totally excited by the thought.  Three years ago when I had time to spare in the mornings I took a couple of dance classes at our local college. It was so much fun that I didn’t even notice how my body was firming up for a few weeks. Then one day after three weeks of tap I looked in the mirror, saw myself in my bikini, and was truly stunned at the rise and tightness in my butt!  I’ve kept it up (my butt muscle) through working out but dance is so much more fun for me. So, I decided to try the studio’s Tuesday Tap class and see what happens to my bod. It couldn’t hurt, and I know I come alive when I dance. So, I’ll give it a whirl and keep you informed on what happens.

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