Things Change

03 Aug

As life goes on, things change. My daughter, Sydni, and I were like best friends growing up. Only in our case she was the mom. We’ve never lived more than ten or twenty minutes from each other and most of our lives we lived next door to each other. Don’t get me wrong I adore my other kids, but Syd and I have some kind of comic thing going on.  Last year she bought a cell phone accessory story in a mall which causes her to keep mall hours. Going to the mall used to be fun for her but now it’s a job. Of course we still talk on the phone at least one or five times a day. But I really miss her company. Luckily for both of us I transitioned into being the mom a few years ago. Or was it a couple of years ago? Oh well, when ever, things change. She and her husband are planing on moving to Hawaii in a year or so, and that will be one of the biggest changes for us both. I’ve already started planning where I’d like to live in Hawaii. Probably about ten or twenty minutes away…or maybe next door.

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