What’s Your Passion?

31 Aug

I was sitting with a group of people the other day and one of them asked me, “What is your passion? I don’t mean what you are doing now, I mean your real passion?” I didn’t even have to think for a second. “I’m living my passion!” Uh oh, she got me started. “All of my life all I ever wanted to do was to teach others what I’ve learned. I’ve always gotten excited with learning new things, about how I could grow and strengthen my consciousness, and I’ve always had the desire to share it with everyone.” When I said it, I realized the truth in my answer. My life had been like that ever since I could remember. Even as a child. I went on, “Of course I have also always been passionate about dance. Somehow I just feel alive when I’m dancing.” I thought for a moment about my answer and felt so blessed that I was even at this age taking a jazz class and a tap class. I was truly blessed to be living my passion. It made me think about all of the people out there who feel they are too old to live a passion-filled life. If you are one of them, just stop it! Go out there and take a class of whatever you’ve always wanted to do. Or just jump in and do it. We are here on this earth to enjoy our lives, to love ourselves, and to share who we are. Do it for you and watch how easy it is to be a more loving person when you are fullfilling your desires.