Unlocking My Biggest Block

03 Sep

Yes – even I have blocks. After all, no one is perfect. What is it you might ask? Well I have this challenge of getting rid of things. After all of these years of memories attached to everything I own it’s been the hardest thing in my life to do. I have always thought I would loose the memory. Oh yeah, and what if I need this as soon as I get rid of it? Well, I finally had that “ah ha” moment – I needed to get rid of anything that doesn’t allow the space in my life to flow. “What happened?” you might ask? Well it finally really hit me that this is the type of thinking that stops the flow of everything I have been asking for to come into my life. It’s a misstrust that I will be taken care of at all times and a doubt that I will always be and have what I need. It was great to finally get that. Plus after all of these years I felt it was about time I got it. Anyway, I made the moves to move forward on getting my garage cleared out and giving away things I don’t really need. I’ll let you know how it’s going but for now I feel the shift alrady.  Onward and Upward.