Birthdays, Competitions, and Catching Up

05 Oct

I’ve been so busy getting in shape for Team USA and other things I totally flaked on my blogs. Well here we go with a catch up. My mother’s 101st birthday was a non-stop celebration. We gave her a
great party at my goddaughter Barbara’s house on the beach in Malibu, and her favorite type of food was served: a good ole Italian dinner made by Gloria, Barbara’s mother! No one can make meatballs or sausage like her, and when you turn 101 you get what you ask for. It was a beautiful day. Hot enough for us to ride some waves, get some sun, and have a fabulous party!

It was amazing how my body reacted to eating something which is off the charts for me, like just a little piece of that chocolate mouse cake. By the way – it was so big we had leftover’s all through
September, and I never touched it after the day of the party. I did, however, stand at the fridge staring and salivating over it every once in a while. But I quickly got back into competition eating, and working out for the competition, which was two weeks away at that point.

Finally the competition was here. I took 1st place in both Bikini Diva and Sports Model divisions and will now go on to represent Team USA Internationally in November at the International Competition in Vegas. I also had a great photo shoot while I was there, and the pictures will be featured in a new magazine later this month.

This competition was a very exciting and fun, as my daughter Sydni, her husband Scott and my husband Jeff brought my mother to celebrate her 101st birthday. During my Sports Model speech I introduced her to the audience. It was such a great moment. She got a standing ovation. She was so happy that it filled her with great energy for the rest of the trip. Not that she doesn’t have energy most of the time but this was really over the edge energy. I can’t wait to get the footage back from the competition so I can see it.

Babs and I also shot a Classic Bikini Divas show on our phones while we were there. We’ll see how that worked out next week.  After the competition we went high atop the Voodoo Lounge at the Rio Hotel, and my mom, Babs and I danced for a while until it got too crowded (I was afraid someone would knock my mom over so we left).  We had an easy drive home and a perfect show on LA Talk Radio the next day.  Now we have the busiest time ahead. I’ll keep you posted.