Life Lessons and My Book Signing

07 Oct

Wow – my first book signing!  I was very excited and so looking forward to it. I knew I had to be up, happy, vibrant, and all that other stuff that goes along with a book signing. Usually that would come naturally for me since I live that way, and of course because I teach everyone that a thing is what it is and what you do with that thing is what your life is. Well I guess the universe decided to test me at my own game. It was Saturday. Jeff was working on fixing up his office, and the day before the signing Babs and I went to an art event. We were having a great time looking at all the wonderful creations and I get a phone call from Jeff who decided to go to the doctor to see why his lower stomach area was bothering him for the past couple of days. Happily I said, “Hi honey what’s up?” His answer of “It’s not good.” Stopped me in my tracks.  Long story short, the doctor told him he had to rush to the hospital for a CAT Scan to make sure the swelling in his lower intestine didn’t burst. If it did, he would die.  Talk about a change in the entire weekend!  At first I thought the doctor was exaggerating but it was still unnerving. We immediately stepped into action. I arranged for Bubby to go with Sydni, and Babs drove me to Cedars to be with Jeff. The doctor in the ER did the CAT scan and said “I’m admitting you, we need to fill you full of antibiotics to kill off that infection in your lower abdomen before anything happens.”  “What could happen?” I asked expecting him to say something like “Oh no worries we’ll get it.” But instead he said. “It could kill him.”  “Are you kidding me”, I thought to my self. Actually I said “What the fuck?” out loud. This couldn’t be happening! Not now! No – not ever! Before I left Jeff and I did a healing meditation and knew he would be fine.

So, now I know that this was all just some kind of warning for Jeff not to cheat on eating nuts, seeds, and things that he wasn’t supposed to be consuming. And also know that it was caught in time. I also had to go home alone, get a good nights rest, and do my book signing the next day.

The proof that I was effected by this is that I arrived at my book signing without a pen. Babs was there to support me, and I felt better after sharing what was going on with my fellow practitioners. I knew Jeff would have a metrical healing, even though some people thought differently.

So, I’ll cut to the chase. Not only did I have a wonderfully successful book signing but in the middle of it Jeff called and told me I could pick him up. He was fine and they were releasing him. I had expected a miracle but not that fast. The doctor was shocked too. And when we both showed up to my stepdaughter Krista’s house that evening to see the short film she directed, she was in shock.  Jeff is just fine now. On antibiotics for a couple of weeks and eating the way he should. I love a happy ending, don’t you?