Special Spirit Rides Again

03 Nov

My step-daughter Molly rides horses and helps teach other autistic kids how to ride. This Sunday was their big horse show at Handsen Dam. I’ve watched her grow up around horses. First learning to ride and then learning to help other autistic kids how to do the same.  Molly always loved horses, and when she was ten she got on a horse for the first time. Jeff took her to Griffith Park and was very careful to choose the perfect horse. Easy to handle, calm, and sweet. Casually riding on the trail with Molly they were both secure in the choice. Molly was loving it when from out of nowhere the horse got spooked by other horses passing by them in a gallop. Molly’s horse took off running. She hung on to the mane and reins for dear life. It took a while but someone was actually able to help stop the runaway horse. She didn’t fall off, wasn’t filled with fear afterward, and was willing to get back on a horse after her incident. And so began Molly’s relationship with horses.

Jeff and I have attended many Special Olympics events with Molly but the horse shows are the most fun. It’s amazing how these kids become one with the horse they are riding. It’s almost as though there’s a sixth sense or a connection between the horse and the rider beyond our understanding.  The Special Spirit horses actually pick up the love that the kids feel for them and react to it.  It’s a beautiful thing to witness.  Oh and by the way Molly took first place in both Equitation and trail. Go Molly!

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