Thanksgiving Once Again

27 Nov

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because we all get together, eat great food, and we don’t have to give presents to anyone. This year we celebrated at my daughter Sydni’s house. It was the first time my granddaughter Flower wasn’t with us. She is doing an internship at a
clothing design company in London. Plus she had a lot of homework, this
being her last year at school. I missed her presence at the table. We did do a Face Time with her while we were all eating, and I met her boyfriend Jack. Flower had some friends over their house to celebrate Thanksgiving so at least she didn’t have to miss the holiday. Kids grow up way too fast.

Anyway, it was a special time for me and us all because we were joined by Barbara, Chris, and Gloria, our Italian
family who we used to spend Thanksgiving with for years. I loved that they were there with us to celebrate, and going around the table to say what we were grateful for was very meaningful this year. My grandchildren from Scotty, (Syd’s husband) were there, Kennedy with one more year of high school and Dakota who was down from San
Francisco from his first year of college. Ryan, Syd’s son, and his girlfriend Mika made up the kids table. But they were all too old to be sitting at the kids table now with no one being under
seventeen. Barbara and Chris’s kids were with their other set of
parents, and Dakota and Kennedy actually took off for dinner to go to their grandmother’s, Something they’ve done every year since they were born. So the only kids at the table were Ryan and Mika. But Ryan is
twenty now. So I guess we had a kid-less table. It was different with no arguing, blaming, yelling. But it was nice. Filled with laughter, loving energy and stories that brought us all down memory lane. Oh yes, and TONS of food and desserts. I think I ate enough for three days!