A Bling Of Birthdays

08 Dec

So what do you call it when birthdays seem to come one after the other? There’s a Pride of Lions, a Gaggle of Geese when you are in the presense of a group of women, my brilliant husband Jeff coined the phrase a Fasion of Women. So we kick off the holiday season this year the day before Thanksgiving. Jeff started it all off, his birthday being a day before Thanksgiving this year. A couple days later is my brother-in-law Gary’s, followed by my sweet son-in-law Scotty’s three days later, followed two days later by my talented, some day to-be-director, grandaughter Kennedy’s birthday. So I have coined the phrase a Bling of Birthdays.

We had a small family dinner at one of our favorite resturants, followed by a day of feasting. The next day is my brother-in-law’s. He lives in Milwaukee so luckily we didn’t have to get together for that one. Just a phone call with us singing our silly country Happy Birthday song (off key, of course) that everyone always looks forward to hearing. But after Jeff’s it just seemed like a whirlwind of food. Thank god I’m not competeing until April.  So after the feasting we had our way with leftover’s until three days later when we went to a Benihana-type Japaneese resturant for Scotty.