Chillin For Our Anniversary

09 Dec

Jeff and I decided to go to Palm Springs to have a warm, sunny anniversary. What were we thinking? We should have gone to Hawaii! It was a little chilly when we arrived at 4:00 pm, and the temperature quickly dropped to 45 degrees. Luckily I packed as if we were going to New York, so I was comfortable at the Thursday night street fair which is a regular event that has been going on for years in Palm Springs.  Now it was time for our romantic dinner. We found a great Thai restaurant. The lights were low and the candles on the table made it romantic. We requested a booth. We forgot to say romantic so they led us around a corner and into the bar section. The only booth left. Yes a bar, and where there is a bar there is a TV. As we were sitting down we glanced up to see the Packers game was on. Oh well – at least one of us was going to have a romantic dinner. The score was 20 to 0. Packers were loosing. At that moment we both knew our Packers needed my energy. Every time they are loosing and I walk in the man cave, my energy seems to push them onward and upward. Immediately I felt it was my duty to forget the romance and energize our Packers. The dinner was exceptionally delicious, and our Packers actually pushed through to win the game. Tomorrow night we will have our romantic dinner happily knowing we got our job done.

We had a leisurely morning, something we never have at home. Had a great workout at the gym, and took off for our friend Paul’s Living Longer Spa in Desert Hot Springs, where I had a great nap in the Hyperberic Chamber. We experienced a few of the new things Paul hooked us up to. But our favorite is the Red Light Sauna and the mineral hot tubs. Paul and Dorene had a couple of cousins down from Canada. Snow Birds as they are called in the Desert. So, after a day of total relaxation, chatting, and catching up we all went out to our favorite all you can eat Japanese restaurant. I guess this wasn’t going to be our romantic dinner either.

Saturday found us doing the tourist thing. After a really good workout, of course. We also spent some time out in the sun and in the jacuzzi. It was a beautiful day. We met a couple from Washington in the jacuzzi, and I of course told her all about health, fitness, and anti aging while her husband and Jeff talked about any game with a ball. Conversations on weight and how to be healthy is always the woman choice while men can connect on a sports level any time.

We wound up getting front row seats to the Palm Springs Christmas Parade. Luckily I came prepared and was dressed for the 48 degrees it was. We had a somewhat romantic dinner but not really. Jeff was in the mood for some Greek food. So we made a reservation at a place called Gyro Gyro, which when we got there turned out to be a Japanese name for something, but it was definitely not Greek.  OK so the first night it was Thai, the second, Japanese and here we were again with a repeat performance. Oh well,  at least I was able to eat clean for three nights in a row.

Sunday morning was an early start at Elmer’s with my favorite German Pancake. It’s really like a crepe with the sides coming up like a taco salad does. It’s relish, and I look forward to it once a year.  Then off to the Palm Springs Center For Spiritual Living. What was I thinking? Not to bring my posters for my workshop! Oh well. I met someone who will take my flyer by email and spread it around. We’ll see. Then off to the gym to work off the German Pancake.  We took in a movie in the afternoon. Saw Creed with Sylvester Stalone. Well I didn’t actually see it with him. I went with Jeff but saw him in it. Get ready for Creed 2 my friends. Lol  Had a nice dinner and kicked back.

It was a nice quiet vacation, and in spite of the cold we had a great time together. At one point I felt a little guilty not connecting with our friends who live up this way, but I quickly let go of the guilt knowing Jeff and I needed some alone time to celebrate our anniversary and just be together.