El Nino

06 Jan

The promise of big rains with news of a big El Nino coming to California  was happy news for us dried up Californians. The way it hit so far has been kind of strange. First it poured all night and into the day. That next day I wore my snow boots so I could wade through the pools of water stopping me from getting to my tap class at Millenium Dance Complex. I was mid ankle when I had my rude awakening. My snow boots weren’t water proof, just snow proof! I sloshed into the studio and luckily I was there for my tap class so I quickly changed into my dry tap shoes. My socks were also drenched and dripping. The room was filled with dripping clothing. We just weren’t ready for all of this. Believe it or not the sun was out all afternoon and I spent the entire time going to at least seven stores trying to get rain boots. No one had any! I did find one store that had a boot that was water proof but they didn’t have it in my size. If I can’t find any in the next couple of days I will be tying knee high plastic to my feet for my experience through El Nino. It might be classless but I will stay dry.

I’d like to wish everyone out there going through El Nino with me a safe and dry battle. Actually when the heavy rain hits turn the battle into loving, joyful thoughts as I did when I stood their dripping. “This is just what our state needs to get us out of this drought we’ve had. I know this can happen and if we all know it, that energy will make it a reality…and so it is!