Onward and Upward

06 Jan

It seems 2015 came and went in chunks. First it was winter which was over quicker than ever. Spring was hardly noticeable, and summer was over before I had a chance to get a tan. Fall happened within a blink of my eye and Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years rolled into each other without me even catching my breath. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was busy or if time was just racing itself to see how fast it could go through a year?

What ever it was Jeff, my BFF Babs and I had a great ending to a fabulous year. Jeff with his wonderful Spielberg film and Babs and I knowing we were finally ready to make the big leap into success. Yes – after four years of building our bodies, developing our consciousness, and learning the do’s and don’ts about how to actually be fit and healthy we were now ready to put it all out there in a bigger way than we had ever done before. We had some incredible meetings at the end of the year that people only dream about. The kind of meetings that happen in the movies and when you see it you think to yourself, “Yeah right, like that really happens in real life.” Our January looks to be filled with wonderment of possibilities, and I’ll share it all as it happens but for now let’s just know that my dreams are actually becoming my reality.