All Fronts Moving Forward

02 Feb

The Classic Bikini Divas meetings we had to start our year off can finally be talked about. We had a great meeting with Lisa G. exec. producer of  Extra. The other two exec producers, Theresa and Jeremy sat in on the meeting. We had a perfect hair day and a perfect meeting. As Babs and I yakked away telling them all about the story of our friendship, our competing and our shows. They listened throwing in some questions here and there. She asked, “How do you see you two doing a show?” I quickly handed her the two page run down that we had ready. Just in case they asked. She read it as we went on talking and when she was done she replied, “This is good,” As she handed it to T. We went on for a while longer and were then interrupted by Lisa saying. “So here’s what we’re going to do for you. We’ll give you a segment on Extra, see how the numbers go and if they’re good we’ll develop a show for you. How does that sound?” Was she kidding? How does that sound? We were almost speechless, a hard thing for us to be. After looking at each other and smiling we both said, “That sounds good to us.” She then went on to tell us they liked us and were impressed with who we were and what we know. Coming from someone who could really make a television career for us it was a very exciting thing to hear.  So, onward and upward as The Classic Bikini Divas move forward. I’ll keep you posted.