Shooting For Extra And Taking Off

12 Feb

Show business is a funny thing. Just when you have everything ready, things change. Our shoot for Extra was supposed to happen today, Friday the 12th of February. Yesterday at the last minute we got a call telling us they had to push us up to next Wednesday because they got swamped with the Grammys. Luckily we were able to change everything so we could do it. Between you and me it’s kind of nice being up there with the Grammys in the same sentence.  Babs and I are very excited for our up coming week. We not only get to shoot our segment with Extra but we leave the next day for Hawaii where I will be celebrating my Birthday for ten days with Babs, my daughter Sydni, and her husband Scotty, who will be working on their new house while we girls party. I am also taking Bubby with us. I don’t think we’ll be sky sailing like we did when she was in her 80’s but we will have a great time. Jeff will be staying home since it’s pilot season. Plus we are remodeling our kitchen while I’m gone. Did I pick the perfect time or what?

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