March 2016 Here And Gone

03 Apr

I will be back writing my blog again. Sorry I haven’t kept up. Life has been very different with out an assistant. Plus I came back from Hawaii so excited about having a new kitchen and getting caught up in putting things back into it. That in itself was a much bigger job than I thought it would be. We’re sill not done!

I thought last year moved fast! It’s already the end of March and time seems to have gained speed on me. So what’s been going on? This month was filled with amazing things and not so amazing things. We, (The Classic Bikini Divas) are still waiting for our air date. We’ve had a few other offers and we will be meeting about them soon. I’ll keep ya posted. We got an offer to be on thousands of bags at the Studio City Pharmacy in a major market. We of course said yes. That should be out by April or May. I’ll keep you posted on that one too. And we are hot on the trail of an agent. Robin, (Who brought us to Extra) decided to quit her day job three days out of the week to help us reach our goals so that will be a big help.

Personally I’ve been on the hunt for a new assistant. I found two girls that I absolutely love. They are both on the East coast and won’t be out here for another couple of months. But, I also found someone who can work with me until they get here. We’ll see how this works out.  My partner Suniil has been helping me so that is very cool. And our company Future Shorts Media has been gaining momentum. Our business plan has been turned in and we’re waiting for the chashola to get offices and start really moving with it.

My mom caught a cold and was not well for a week. She’s doing better now but at a hundred and one it’s a little scary when anything happens with her.

My granddaughter Flower arrived yesterday from London and will be in the states for a month. I am so excited to see her again. Her boyfriend Jack will be joining her for a few days and I’m looking forward to meeting him.