Don’t Let Disappointment Get You Down

28 May

It’s been three months since Babs and I were on ExtraTV and we haven’t heard anything from them and to tell you the truth we were disappointed. So much for putting a show together for us. At first we were a little upset but then we pulled our bootstraps up and took some action. We are now pitching our show to the networks ourselves and seeing what happens. Show business is no place for the thin skinned or weak minded. We had to know we have something good and go forward with it.


My husband Jeff also had a big disappointment when the film All The Way was finally finished and we went to the premier a week ago. His two really big scenes that made him a costar in the film had to be cut because the film was too long. He still stands out in the film but we had both expected this to be much, much bigger. We both had to let go of the disappointment and see the positive, which I’ll admit was a challenge for about twenty-four hours. But, we did some meditating and prayer work and embraced the fact that he had a good part in a great movie and he was still a memorable person in it.  You can see it now on HBO. It’s Speilberg’s All The Way with Brian Cransten. He plays Senator Jim Eastland.