I’m Back

01 May

So, since we were on National TV life took me on a whirl wind of business! Not only was I in between assistants, (and as most of you know that’s a hard one for me) but my other company Future Shorts Media suddenly saw more action than ever!

So let me catch you up. Being on Extra was fabulous! Someone recognized us in Vegas from the show and that was a really great feeling.  Speaking at the “All Woman’s Fitness Competition” was fun and wonderful for us both to share our journey into fitness, health, and Anti Aging. Both Babs and I came in first as Bikini Divas that weekend. So that was the icing on the cake for us. We’ve been out there in the trenches trying to sell our TV show. But Babs had to leave town for three weeks. The timing was perfect because it gave me the chance to work on Future Shorts Media’s presentation and take meetings along the way.

My husband Jeff and I found a new book thanks to Krista (my stepdaughter) which propelled our marriage into an even more loving, more respectful more fulfilling relationship. When two high powered people are in a relationship it’s so important to keep the meditation time sacred. With all of his auditioning, and working I might add and my business, sometimes our plans get messed up. Now we are back to the commitment of meditation. What a change it can make.  For me skipping meditation in the morning would be like going outside to start your day without getting dressed. Sure I could probably do it, but it’s not as comfortable as having some clothes on out there. Hey but maybe some of our up coming meetings to get our Classic Bikini Diva show would get a go right away!

I have a new assistant starting very soon. So, more to come… Love & Light