Age, Attitude and Seniors

09 Jun

As I age I notice attitude seems to be the key in everything I do.  Being in the health, fitness and anti-aging world, plus show business my attitude has gotten me further than anything else.  The fact that most of the people I deal with could be my kids or even my grandchildren and that they all find me fun, creative and entertaining, and actually like spending time with me got me thinking about what exactly is so attractive?  Of course I’m interesting to meet. I mean how many 73 yr. old Bikini Divas do you know? My past in show business and who I’ve worked with and know is also interesting. But that’s not it! I actually have the attitude of a teenager. I’ve never closed myself up to learning and experiencing more. Plus, the fact that I’m always willing to help younger people reach their dreams. That’s because I know how hard it is when you have a dream and you have no one to support or help you. Not that I didn’t have parents that loved me. It’s just that every time I would share my dreams of being a prima ballerina, or a great comedy actress, I was always reminded of how I should be thinking of making a living. Like I couldn’t ever make a living from what I loved doing? Because of that I have been very supportive to every young or older person I meet. Because I know you are never to old and it’s never too late to have your dreams and desires become a reality.

Back to my attitude in life. I am grateful everyday that I wake up. After all, being alive and well is a much better place to be than dead and gone. Because of this feeling of gratitude I am able to be myself with everyone I speak with and I have the attitude of actually being in the moment with the people I’m with. Lucky for me the person I am is loving, fun loving and free with the attitude of a child but the wisdom of and adult. Remember, good attitude brings things closer and faster.

So, why am I sharing all of this with you. It’s to tell all you to find a senior that’s interesting and talk to them, share with them. Don’t be afraid of seniors. They are just teenagers in an old suit.

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