Father’s Day Is Not Mother’s Day

20 Jun

Father’s Day has come and gone. Almost without a notice. What is it about Fathers Day that it sneaks up on you and you’re always surprised that it’s here? I noticed this year people saying things like, “When is Father’s Day again?” “Did you get a present for Dad?” “Why?” “Because it’s Father’s Day tomorrow.” “What a fabulous beach day! I know what I’m doing tomorrow, hey wait it says on the calendar it’s Father’s Day! I thought that was next week”. “Oh man I made plans to go to yoga and then do a shoot for our show. I didn’t realize it was Father’s Day!” Sadly, that one was me.

Mother’s Day comes and there are tons of commercials weeks before it arrives. Flowers are everywhere. Parties, dinners, brunches, breakfasts in bed and special things are planned weeks ahead of time. But our poor forgotten about fathers are lucky if they get a BarBQ, and they are probably the ones doing the cooking at that. Yes, they had big sales at the Mall but it was mostly woman’s things that were on sale!

As I said I was busy shooting in the afternoon but, I did get my husband a beautiful bouquet of assorted flowers. His daughter Molly took him out to a movie and then dinner. That was the best Father’s Day for him. I’m glad he enjoyed his day out. He is one of the most caring fathers I know and a day out with his daughter was the best gift to him. He came home to hugs from a loving wife that really appreciates him. Our father’s who are on earth should be appreciated for all that they do to help the family have the roots they need to make us stronger. Plus, they should have more commercials on TV to remind us it’s coming. So for all of the father’s out there I hope you had a loving Father’s Day because you are all love

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