Meditation, Great Company, and Great Food

14 Jun

This past weekend Jeff and I actually got away an entire day for a yoga retreat. Our friend and yoga teacher Chutney Berry has a fabulous one day retreat once a year on the beach in Oxnard across from the Channel Islands. My wonderful daughter Sydni was on Bubby watch for the day and we were comfortable leaving her home knowing she was in good hands. We were joined by my partner Suniil, my assistant Mallory and her friend Shayna and were met by a great group of people for our spiritual pot luck day of kundalini yoga and meditation. It was truly one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. It drizzled on the drive there but as soon as all of us walked to the park area at the beach it suddenly cleared up and as we did our meditative yoga session the weather turned warmer. Warm enough for me to take off my sweatshirt. Which is something I never saw myself doing on the walk there.


Lunch was the best. All healthy foods and plenty of it. We were able to visit with our friend Carole Dean during our break time, which was fun. Carole lives right around the corner from Linda and Bob who were our hosts.


Part of the afternoon was done in the house when we went around the room and shared something uplifting and the final part of the retreat was done on the beach, facing the oceans with a clear view of the Channel Islands doing a meditative yoga. Towards the end I was wearing four layers of clothes but I was feeling so relaxed and spiritually high it didn’t even bother me. We stopped on the way home at one of our favorite healthy burger places in West Lake Village, came home and crashed. Every once in a while you owe it to yourself to just take the time to do nothing but fill your soul with meditation, great company and great food.