The Measure of Time Flying By

16 Jun

I’ve often wondered how do you measure time flying by? I guess we all have Birthday’s, that’s one way. But even though we have Birthday’s every year, you don’t really notice time flying by. For me this year time flying by really hit me last night as my baby girl Sydni, the oldest of my clan, celebrated her fifty third Birthday. It was hard for me to relate to that since I’m only forty-eight myself! Not only that, my youngest granddaughter Coco was not only playing Taboo with us after dinner, she was doing better than I was at the game! My mind started wondering to our up and coming trip to London to attend my granddaughter Flower’s graduation from college. How could it be that I had grandchildren in their twenties? I looked in the mirror, I didn’t look that old. But the fact is even though I take good care of myself and don’t look my age, I have been on this earth for seventy-three years and time has and is flying by faster each year. I’ve done a lot and will continue to do a lot more because if you keep yourself busy with things you love to do, time will still fly by but it goes by painlessly filled with a life of creativity, love, joy, health and a continued growth. I guess I’ll just keep going not noticing time flying by but living each moment in gratitude that I am still here to enjoy my time in my Saba suit.